If It Looks Too Good To Be True On Pinterest, Don’t Click It – Or Risk Spamming Your Friends

By Mary C. Long 

There have been images on Pinterest the past few days that a bunch of folks apparently clicked on – even though they fall in to the “too good to be true” category.

And guess what? When they clicked the spammy images, if their Pinterest accounts were linked to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, spammy posts started popping up there too, spamming their friends.

Vicious cycle, really. And the lesson, which these same folks will not learn, is this: There’s no magic money-making opportunity online – except this one.

The spammy images that folks were (and continue to) click looked like this, according to Sophos:


And once they clicked, if their Pinterest was linked to their Twitter or Facebook, they unwittingly granted spammers access. You would have seen these tweets or folks from your “too good to be true” loving friends:

By now we know that anything written like that is likely spam . . . but we should also know that something for nothing schemes are just that . . .

Did you fall victim to these pins or see anyone who did?

(Woman with bag of money image from Shutterstock)