Viral Storm: Hurricane Sandy Blows Through YouTube

By Megan O'Neill 

As Hurricane Sandy begins to ease off the East Coast, a viral storm is brewing on YouTube.  A mix of videos of the damage and videos of people being silly in the wind and rain are beginning to take off and we’ve put together a list of six Hurricane Sandy videos that are going viral this morning.

Before we get to the videos, it’s important to remember that Hurricane Sandy and the aftermath is affecting millions of people all along the East Coast.  Many are left powerless, and others homeless.  Visit to find out how you can help.

New York City Timelapse (Empty America)

It’s very rare that you can visit NYC without having to make your way through hoards of people everywhere you go.  With everyone taking refuge indoors, the city was left entirely empty.  This amazing video from The Thrash Lab reveals the empty streets, subway stations and more.

Hurricane Sandy: The Damage

BuzzFeed put together a compilation of some of the damage in cities along the East Coast as of this morning.  Hope everyone in these and other affected areas is safe and sound!


In DC, a shirtless man jogging wearing a horse mask on the news lightened the mood a bit.

Franky – Weatherwoman

One brave New Yorker set out to brave the elements in a bright pink poncho.  Looks like the storm won.

Gangnam Style News Reporter Photo Bomb – Norfolk

Nothing like a Gangnam Style photo bomb to take your mind off an impending storm.

Hurricane Sandy – Gangnam Style

And finally, the dudes in the video above weren’t the only ones to go Gangnam.  YouTuber lymanchen donned a full Psy costume and invisible horse danced in the storm.

Update: This crazy Hurricane Sandy video just came to our attention as well.  Wow.

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