Hurricane Live Cam: Watch Live As Irene Approaches NYC

By Megan O'Neill 

As Hurricane Irene continues to creep up the East Coast, folks in New York and the world over are waiting to see what will happen when the storm hits the Big Apple.  The hurricane, which is packing winds of around 80 miles per hour and upwards, touched down yesterday in North Carolina and has been working its way North, with Maryland and New Jersey feeling the effects, and is expected to hit New York City any time now.  You can watch the hurricane live in New York via Livestream’s Hurricane Live Cam.

Livestream is streaming live from the 16th floor of their headquarters in Midtown Manhattan.  It looks pretty dark and foggy at the moment, but that’s not stopping over 12,500 viewers from tuning in.  You can check out the stream below and click here to see footage from Saturday afternoon, before the storm began.

While New Yorkers holding hurricane parties have a firsthand view of the storm out of their own (hopefully taped-up) windows, Livestream is letting friends and loved ones of New Yorkers, as well as natural disaster fanatics, get their own firsthand view as Hurricane Irene makes her way through the city.

Have you been affected by Hurricane Irene, or are you waiting?  Are you having a hurricane party, are you cowering in a basement corner?  Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments below!

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