Huge City Puts Facebook Events On The Map

By Justin Lafferty 

Looking for an underground concert featuring a local band, or just in search of something to do on a Tuesday night? Searching through Facebook events can be difficult, but an enterprising team from Atlanta has taken the guesswork out of the hunt. Through Huge City, people can see a map view of where public Facebook events are and figure out the local hot spots.

Recently launched out of beta, Huge City combines Facebook events with Google Maps to show users where all of the popular parties, concerts, and other happenings are. Users can see how many people have confirmed that they’ll attend, as well as easily access the Facebook event page. Huge City also has a mobile website and a widget, so websites can show select events.

If you’re looking for something specific, such as an art show or a flash mob, users can do that through Huge City, as well as see where the most popular events are.

Huge City Co-Founder Hugh Malkin talked with AllFacebook about how the website works to connect users to popular events:

The only way you could discover these events is if you knew exactly what the name of the event is, and Facebook’s not built for discovery, particularly in events. For me, I don’t like event sites in general, because they’re just big lists of tons and tons of stuff. If you’re coming into a new city, you don’t know where half of the places are, so you’ve got to look them up. You spend your time between the list, the Google Maps, and then you have to go and ask your friends, “Hey, are you going to this?” This solves all three problems immediately. You know who’s going to it, you know what it is, where it is, and if it’s within walking distance, and what else is going on next to it.

When a Facebook user connects to Huge City, it scans their public events, as well as the public events of a user’s friends, placing them on a map. Don’t worry, that surprise birthday party that is invite-only won’t show up.

Malkin said another advantage that Huge City has is that users can see what will be popular in the near future. In the site’s infancy, Huge City saw several events at Chick-fil-A restaurants around the country, in reaction to the company’s president’s statements on gay marriage. Malkin has also seen various political events set up throughout the world. He said it’s pretty cool to see what’s trending not only now, but next week and beyond that.

Readers: How do you discover Facebook events?