HuffPost Gets Social — Follow Bloggers Through Facebook, Twitter and Email

By David Cohen Comment

The Huffington Post aims to be a leader when it comes to following topics, having added new features that give its readers the options of following topics, or specific bloggers and reporters, including updates via Twitter, Facebook, or email when new content is posted.

Icons next to story tags with a plus sign inside a circle connect with APIs from Facebook and Twitter to link directly to those social networks.

More from HuffPost social media editor Rob Fishman in a post:

These days, even the most diligent newsreader can have trouble keeping up. Between newspapers, blogs, apps, RSS, Twitter, and Facebook, the options can seem endless. And yet, frustratingly, it’s the story we most care about that so often slips through the cracks.

That’s why HuffPost is now allowing readers to follow topics, reporters, and bloggers on the site and across social platforms.

You might have already noticed the encircled + icons beside story tags. You can find them on front-page stories, and above the text on article pages. Hover your mouse over a tag, and you have the option to follow it on Facebook or Twitter (in either case, we’ll start sending you updates on HuffPost).

We send updates to your News Feed by using Facebook’s Open Graph protocol, automatically generating pages for each of the important topics we cover, called Big News pages. If you Like soccer, for instance, you’ll start seeing updates about the sport posted to your wall.

With Twitter, likewise, we have created more than 1,000 Big News accounts — from alerts on Egypt to the latest news on airlines. When news breaks, follow your favorite topics to get instant updates on Twitter.

Any bylined story on HuffPost now includes a set of follow icons: Fan a blogger or reporter for updates on HuffPost; click RSS to scan their feed; get email notifications; hover over the Twitter icon to start following the writer; and Like the author to get updates posted in your News Feed.