How to Run a Valentine’s Day Pinterest Promotion

By Devon Glenn 

The aisles at the drugstore are already filled with candy hearts and paper valentines. Valentine’s Day is just a couple weeks away and Pinterest is the place to be for red and pink-hued inspiration. In a webinar earlier today, Pinfluencer‘s Alex Littlewood outlined some best practices for running a Valentine’s Day promotion on the image-sharing site.

Define Objectives

The type of interaction you’re going to want out of the Pinterest community will depend on the type of business you have, as outlined in the slide below.

Create a Great User Experience

In general, Pinterest users will likely already have a Valentine’s Day board set up, said Littlewood. Having users repin an image or two from your board onto one of their own will increase the chances of them participating in the promo and will ensure that they keep the board on their profiles after the promotion is over.

For Valentine’s Day, have the pinners use hashtags that are universal and succinct, like #Vday or #v-day rather than #Macysvday. Typos are common and Pinterest’s search algorithm is not quite advanced enough for the hashtags to be useful in future searches. However, the hashtags are clickable and instantly show other relevant pins.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Put up information about the promotion on your website, your other social networks, at your office or storefront, and in all of your print or broadcast ads.

If your goal is to reach people in specific markets, try advertising the promotion on Facebook. Pinterest doesn’t have targeted campaigns yet, but Facebook does. Because users can log in to Pinterest with their Facebook accounts, there will already be some overlap between your audiences on both sites.

Now that 11 percent of socially driven shopping sessions begin on Pinterest, the site can be a powerful tool for reaching new people and driving traffic to your site.

Image by Neirfy.