How to Use Facebook’s Graph Search to Find a Job

By Devon Glenn 

Your Facebook friends (and even friends of friends) can be sources of job leads, if you know how to ask the right questions. Facebook’s search bar, Graph Search, has its own syntax, much like ordering a cup of coffee at Starbucks. To find friends who can introduce you to an employer, you’ll need to type a full sentence into the search bar. First, the basics.

Find people you know.






My friends = your contacts
My friends of friends = their friends who are not also friends with you
People = other people on Facebook that you are not connected to at all

Figure out what your friends do and where they work.

who are = occupation or job title
who used to be = former occupation or job title
at = company, school, or organization
who work at = current employer
who worked at = former employer
who like = pages, interests, genres, etc.

Find people who went to your school.

who went to = school
who graduated from = school

Drill down by date.

in = location, year, etc.
before = year
after = year

Drill down by location.

who live in = city, state, country
nearby = city, state, country

Try these sample sentences.

  • My Friends or my friends of friends who work at [company]
  • My Friends or my friends of friends who are [occupation or title]
  • My Friends or my friends of friends who are or used to be [occupation or title]
  • My friends of friends who are friends of [occupation or title]
  • My Friends or my friends of friends who work in/ nearby [city, state, country]
  • Employers of my friends or friends of friends
  • People who studied [subject] and currently work in [city, state, country]
  • Employers of People who live in [city, state, country] and like [pages, interests, genres, etc.]

The search results only offer as much information as your friends are willing to share on their Facebook profiles, but your starting point is not limited to people you’ve actually worked with, just to people you know well enough to have as a Facebook friend.

For more search tips, try Facebook’s newsroom.