How To Use Facebook Safely In The Mideast And Africa

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Activists in parts of the world that don’t approve of Facebook now have a resource on how to keep themselves safe while using the social network.

A guide to protecting oneself while perusing social media and online in general, posted at There’s a version in English and another in Arabic.

Right now in cities across the Middle East and Northern Africa, citizens who want to connect, communicate and get informed on issues pertaining to the current socio-political climate face great challenges in doing so. Web security has paramount importance, and not using it can have grave repercussions.

This guide has tips and tools for reducing surveillance and monitoring, protecting privacy, and dealing with censorship. It covers: secure use of Facebook, email and chat, good password habits, how to keep your computer free of viruses and spyware, how to get around censorship online while remaining anonymous, tactics for using mobile phones safely and links to more in-depth resources.

The creators of the guide stress that following the suggestions in the guide do not guarantee one’s security online. It is considered accurate as of March, 2011, but the ever-changing nature of the web does not guarantee these measures will suffice over the long term.

What do you think about the idea of helping people use Facebook more safely in parts of the world run by governments that disapprove of the site?