How to Spot an Instagram Junkie [Infographic]

By Devon Glenn 

Want to know whose obsession with sharing photos on Instagram is becoming a problem? Step 1: Look in the mirror. Step 2: Check out this infographic from Flowtown.

If you love the photo-sharing app for its easy sharing capabilities and sexy light filters, you are not alone. There are now 40 million users who have fallen for its charm. A sore thumb from excessive scrolling is to be expected; disdain for Android users and Instagram’s new parent company, Facebook, are signs of a more serious problem.

You can find the worst cases in front of dim sum trucks, vintage stores, or “any place cute animals inhabit or frequent.” In other words, your office and all other businesses within a two-block radius.

It’s good to see that the Facebook backlash hasn’t stopped too many people from using the app (or Flowtown from making an infographic about it.) But the lady on the right is carrying a DSLR camera – how much longer before those fade out of casual use?