How To Pool Your Entire Team’s Social Network Contacts For Referral Recruitment

By Megan O'Neill Comment

These days more and more businesses are looking to recruit top talent through social media and one of the best ways to do this is through referrals—reaching out to potential new employees via the social contacts of your current employees.  TalentBin is a new service that claims to make referral recruitment easy, by compiling the contacts of everyone in your company into one pooled referral network.

How does it work?  According to a demo video, “TalentBin lets your hiring managers and recruiters search across the entire pooled contacts of your team in search of high quality referral recruiting candidates.”  Basically, the HR team at your company creates a “talent bin” at and then invites all of your team members to contribute their contacts.  TalentBin pulls in the resumes of the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter contacts of everyone who contributes, creating one massive database of contacts that hiring staff can search across.  When they find an outstanding potential new hire, they can work together with the colleague that knows them to reach out and start a conversation.

Pete Kazanjy, one of the co-founders of TalentBin, told me via email that, “One of the things that makes TalentBin interesting is that it uses all of the major social networks—LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  While most products like JobVite are aimed at broadcasting outwards, this is all about pulling that information into a searchable database.  And while LinkedIn is focused on LinkedIn, and BranchOut is focused on Facebook, and, well, no one is focused on Twitter, we do all of them for a given organization.”

Learn more about TalentBin in the demo video below and feel free to share your thoughts with us.  Does your company recruit through social media?  How would you feel about using TalentBin for referral recruiting?

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