How To Find People Worth Following on Instagram

By katy 

On Instagram, what you see is what you get: unless you’re not seeing anything because you aren’t following fellow picture-takers. Instagram is unlike Pinterest, where everything is clearly laid out before you on a screen (and which has awesome apps to make this easier); and Facebook, where friending is based on your relationship and not a particular skill. By contrast, this emerging social media network pushes us to seek out a more narrow category of people.

The skill, of course, that you are seeking from the people you follow on Instagram is picture-taking. We all know that photography is a broad and skill-intensive art in itself, but the people who are active on Instagram have proved two things: 1) creativity is definitely involved, and 2) you don’t need a photography background. The best photos are often those that have just have personal meaning when you see them on your app feed.And so first, I do recommend finding people you know. Here’s how:

As on Twitter, you can see who people are following and who they are followed by on Instagram. Instead of looking to the list of people that your friend-whose-photos-you-love follows, I suggest looking at the list of people following them. That way, you can connect with people who have the same taste in photos as you do. If someone is taking photos you like, it is more likely that they are looking for different kinds of content in their feed rather than more of the same that they take.

The second way to find people worth following is to go through the companies, brands, and organizations that inspire you. You might shy away from Instagram users who are posting photos to market their own work, but often times these Instagrammers are putting real effort into content that you can engage with.

One of the best methods for finding these brands is to think about what you are taking photos of most often. For instance, I found myself taking Instagram photos of coffee seven posts in a row, so I looked up Starbucks to see what they are up to in the world of instant photos and fun filtration. And as a huge brand with a large stake in expressing themselves through images, their Instagram feed is awesome.

But perhaps you’re more anti-corporate than I am. Start taking and posting more Instagram photos yourself. The next person who comments on a photo of yours could be your best source for new people to follow.