How To Disable Facebook’s Tag Suggest

By David Cohen 

Facebook last week quietly reintroduced its tag suggest feature, which uses facial-recognition technology to assist users in tagging their friends in photos. So, what can users do in order to avoid being tagged in photos that they do not wish to be tagged in?

If users do nothing, they will receive notifications when they are tagged in photos, and they must then untag themselves.

Sophos’ Naked Security blog pointed out that the “tagging photos section of the social network’s help center seems to have been written with the aim of encouraging users not to disable the functionality, reading:

Before you opt out of using this feature, we encourage you to consider how tag suggestions benefit you and your friends. Our tagging tools (including grouping photos that look similar and suggesting friends who might be in them) are meant to make it easier for you to share your memories and experiences with your friends.

Still not convinced? Here is Naked Security’s step-by-step guide to disabling tag suggest:

  • Click the gear icon on the far right-hand side of the page and choose privacy settings.

  • Go to the menu on the far left and choose timeline and tagging.

  • Review your settings, especially, “Who sees tag suggestion when photos that look like you are uploaded?”

Readers: Have you decided to allow or disable tag suggest?