HOW TO: Block Event Invites From A Friend

By Justin Lafferty 

Tired of event invites from friends you haven’t talked to in three years who live across the country? There’s a way to fix that, without having the awkward conversation asking them to stop inviting you. Facebook recently made it harder for event administrators to invite large swaths of friends — a move that social media expert Mari Smith said might have been an attempt to combat the problem of unwanted event invites. But there’s a way to block invites based on who is sending them.

Many people creating events on Facebook simply invite their entire friend lists. This means that an event in San Francisco pushes notifications to your cousin in St. Louis and your college friend now living in London. Likely, neither of these people will attend.

If you want to ignore invites from these far-flung friends, it’s easy. Simply go to the event and click decline, on the right side below the cover image.

After you click decline, a prompt will appear asking you to say why you can’t go. Below that field is a link, asking if you’d want to ignore all invites from that friend.

Click that, and then confirm one more time, and that person can no longer send invites directly to you.

It does not appear that you can block invites from mobile.

Readers: Does this help cut back on unwanted notifications?