How The Wall Street Journal Uses Pinterest

By Neil Vidyarthi 

Pinterest App
Our sister site 10000 words has posted an anlaysis of how The Wall Street Journal uses Pinterest to reach out to their social media readers.  It’s pretty interesting how they are using a “Quotes” board to pin big quotes from some of their articles, and demonstrates how Pinterest can be more than just a photo network — it’s becoming like a community bulletin board for people to look at all sorts of things.  Will classifieds be next?

I have several friends that use the service and their use of the service is definitely expanding.  The recent tutorials we’ve shared on how to pin items from your iPhone and how to easily pin a text quote were inspired by users of the service.  In the same way that Twitter’s relatively simple premise allowed users to become creative and develop hashtags to enhance the way they communicated with one another, I believe Pinterest’s user community will begin to do similar things using the power of the image.  Using an image to post a quote is just the start.