How Social Content Changes the Way People Shop [Infographic]

By Devon Glenn 

In a recent survey, more than one third of respondents claimed that social content changed their minds about something they intended to buy. Recommendations from friends and consumer or expert reviews were only part of that equation. Shoppers now expect a lot more help from brands while they’re shopping online.

According to the social media agency Socialyse, 45 percent of customers feel like the internet lacks the personal experience of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store.

Part of this is how well an store’s online showroom can display what’s on the shelves: 27 percent of the survey respondents wanted to see videos that show a product in detail; 48 percent said they were inspired by images of products that others had shared on social media sites.

Another element is customer service: 40 percent like brands to keep in touch after they make a purchase. You can read more in the infographic below, including a breakdown of men versus women in different age groups.

The Power of Social Media Content