How Reddit Helped A Terminal Cancer Patient’s Dream Come True [Video]

By Megan O'Neill 

Nachu Bhatnagar has terminal cancer and may die by June and one of his friends turned to Reddit to make one of his final wishes come true.  In a chat conversation with one of his good friends, kivakid on Reddit, Nachu mentioned that he really wanted to know how Harry Turtledove’s book series ‘The War That Came Early’ would end.  The latest book isn’t due to be released until July so kivakid turned to the Reddit community to try to get an advanced copy for his friend.

Kivakid posted a message to the Reddit community earlier this month.  He wrote, “My friend has terminal cancer and may die by June.  I’m trying to fulfill one of his last wishes.  Is there any way to obtain a copy of a book that hasn’t been released yet?”  He attached a letter to author Harry Turtledove.  Here’s an excerpt:

“It is my duty as a friend to do whatever I can to fulfill Nachu’s last wishes.  Is it at all possible for you to send him copies of the remaining books in the series?  I understand the risks involved in sending an advance copy of your books to him and I understand the potential copyright issues and backlash from publishers.  That said, my friend needs some good luck and kindness to balance out the awful stream he’s been on, and I couldn’t imagine a better person for it than his favorite author.”

As you can see from the video below, kivakid’s mission was a success.  While the concluding books in the series won’t be out for a few years, the publisher sent an advanced copy of the latest book in the series and Harry Turtledove even agreed to speak on the phone with Nachu about the rest of the series.

This amazingly heartwarming story wouldn’t have been possible without Reddit.  Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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