How Long Are International Users Spending Per Session on Facebook?

By Kenna McHugh 

An average Facebook user spends just about eight hours on the site during any given month. That is just about four times as long as the average use of Google’s websites. But, don’t let that number fool you because Google is the only platform to outperform Facebook in terms of unique U.S. users in August. The numbers were 176 million Google users to Facebook’s 163 million, according to a new Nielsen survey.

But if we look at the international numbers, we find the numbers a little bit more interesting. Experian reports that international users spend more time on Facebook throughout a normal session than in the U.S. Take Singapore as an example. Internationally, the country leads in its Facebook liking. The platform users spent an average of about 39 minutes on the site every time they logged on in August. Comparing American Facebook, they only logged on for about 21 minutes per session.

Experian pointed out that Brazil ranks low on the Facebook-time-per-session list at an average of around 18 minutes. However, the South American country is at the top of Experian’s list for social network market share in August. Why? Approximately 19 percent of all the country’s Internet visits went to social networking sites that month. Compare that to the U.S., which hung around 15.4 percent.

With that said 43 percent of all social networking visits for Brazil went straight to Google’s Orkut. However, those numbers are changing in Brazil because Orkut is 18 percent down with year-to-year growth while Facebook is up by 16 percent. I am sure we will see Facebook dominating visits to platforms.

But, if we travel all the way over to the other hemisphere, we will discover that on a year-to-year growth, Facebook should give India the crown. Experian reports that Facebook use in India is up 88 percent since last August.