How Influential Are You on Google Plus? Klout Adds New Feature to Let You Know

By Kenna McHugh 

Klout rates social significance on many levels and gives a Twitter user a score based on their influence.  The useful service now includes the very young but growing social network –Google Plus.

Klout had been waiting for a specific level of population increase on the young social network platform in order to incorporate it into its calculations.

Klout posted on its blog, “If you are active on Google Plus and have connected your Google Plus account to Klout, you will see a score increase. Regardless of activity level, no user with Google Plus connected will see a Score drop. Similarly, we do not penalize users who do not connect Google Plus accounts.”

With that said, Klout compared the overall behavior of users on Google Plus based on their connections to other networks. By looking at their charts you can see the first plot indicates how the distribution changed for users who are active just on Twitter and Google Plus.

The second plot indicates the equivalent for users who are just active on Facebook and Google Plus.

The third chart indicates no significant change for users who are active on all three social networks. An interesting observation from looking over all the plots is that most active Google Plus users are active on Twitter and Facebook as well.

With Klout measuring the overall influence of social media, it makes sense that Google Plus enters it overall score.

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