How Facebook's News Feed Favors Some Applications

By Jackie Cohen Comment

Not all applications get equal treatment from Facebook, at least not when it comes to placement in the news feed.

While some apps that post to multiple social media destinations get lost in the shuffle on Facebook, others don’t.

Have you noticed how news feed items coming from Twitter, HootSuite, and NetworkedBlogs have footers saying something like “show more posts from” said application?

Well, numerous applications don’t get consolidated, meaning that every single item posted through these favored tools gets the same chance to show up in news feeds that other types of content do.

Consolidation of posts results in 70 percent less engagement.

The applications that get to post each item to the news feed separately, rather than grouped together, include wares from preferred developers like:

  • Buddy Media
  • Vitrue
  • Involver
  • Context Optional
  • Syncapse

Now this certainly explains why the aforementioned applications tend to have so many more customers or users than tools that post to news feeds in consolidated fashion.

But now that developers are learning that some applications get preferential treatement in the news feed, Facebook might succumb to pressure to change its policies on consolidation of posts.

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