How Entenmann’s Rose to 1 Million Likes on Facebook

By Tim Sohn 

Entenmann'sEntenmann’s reached 1 million likes on its Facebook page July 27, slightly more than one year after it reached its 500,000th fan milestone. The company that makes everything from donuts to crumb cake attributes this to a combination of targeted advertising campaigns and organic posts on the social network.

Maureen Sticco, director of marketing for Entenmann’s, told SocialTimes that Entenmann’s launched its Facebook page in 2009, and since then it has focused on several promotions, including National Donut Day (when Entenmann’s donates $1 to Salvation Army for every person who likes the Entenmann’s Facebook page) and the 40th birthday of Rich Frosted Donuts in January. For the celebration, Entenmann’s ran a survey on Facebook asking fans who they believed was “Mrs. Rich Frosted” – Ms. Glazed? Ms. Crumb Topped? Ms. Plain? or Ms. Powdered?

Sticco said she wished she knew who the 1 millionth fan was on the Entenmann’s Facebook page, “but there is no mechanism for us to be able to track who that person was. I wish. I would have loved to have done like a Publishers Clearinghouse thing for that person.”

Organic Posts

She explained that Entenmann’s sees the most organic growth from visuals of products.

“People love to share nostalgic stories, they love to share what their favorites are. They are always talking about eating the product, how they eat the product, when they use the products, their grandmothers, their aunts, their uncles, and that garners a lot of organic growth for us,” she said, adding that the company has a score card it tracks weekly in terms of new fans, organic fans, and fans from ads. It also sets quarterly and annual projections.

At Entenmann’s, social media is headed up by Sticco; however, the hands-on community management is provided around the clock by a social media agency, she told SocialTimes, and every post is responded to on the Entenmann’s Facebook page.

Facebook Advertising

Entenmann’s also actively advertises on Facebook, and Sticco said, it likes to test out new types of ads, such as “everyone’s got a favorite – what’s yours?” types of ads, product shots, appetite appeal, and the Rich Frosted Donut character.

“We don’t often promote posts, and that’s because we have a limited budget that we can spend on Facebook. Therefore, we don’t really promote our posts that much. In fact, we don’t feel like we really need to promote them that much because our fans do that for us. We have a very high engagement rate on our page, and they share our posts for us. In terms of the campaigns, we change it up a lot,” said Sticco.

Entenmann’s One Million Fans Sweepstakes

In celebration of Entenmann’s reaching 1 million likes, the company is holding the “Entenmann’s One Million Fans Sweepstakes.” The sweepstakes winner will be provided with a trip to New York City, a New York CityPASS. The deadline to enter the sweepstakes is Aug. 11.

As of the time this article was written, Entenmann’s Facebook page was up to 1,012,934 likes.