How Did the Machinima Team Use Social Media at E3? [Video]

By Neil Vidyarthi 

This year’s E3 in Los Angeles has had an unprecedented amount of social media. From live check-ins to Twitter walls, game companies know that engaging their audience using Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social networks is the way to go. In a cool interview by NewMediaRockstars, the social media team from well known game entertainment network Machinima talk about the experience.

They discuss how they are using hashtags on Twitter to connect with their fans, as well as use live YouTube feeds to let their fans feel as if they’re at E3. Fred mentioned that they are constantly live blogging and answering questions directly on YouTube. Jessica talked about how they are sourcing questions from their Facebook page and then asking those questions to some of their guests.

They also discussed how other companies have been doing the same sort of thing. Twitter is the main tool that companies are using to connect with fans – hashtags are the most common form of social media at the show. Jessica expressed surprise at the level of proliferation of the microblogging tool.

Nintendo made a point during their conference to get people to look online at their various social media properties including their Twitter handle and Facebook page.