How Can Nonprofits Use Facebook To Motivate Donors?

By Justin Lafferty 

Several nonprofits have found success marketing and getting recognition through Facebook. ShortStack recently blogged about how nonprofits can create and manage Facebook pages that not only build awareness of the organizations, but motivate donors to give.

ShortStack recommends that nonprofits take advantage of the most engaging content on Facebook — photos and videos — by creating galleries:

When a nonprofit can establish emotional ties between its cause and its community, donations happen. One way to do this is to let pictures — photos and videos — tell the stories.  Many nonprofits pay for expensive ad campaigns in which their ads and commercials may get posted to Facebook, but as time waxes on, these images are lost to the timeline feed.

ShortStack also feels that nonprofits should take advantage of Facebook as a storytelling medium and share tales of success from people who have benefited from the organization:

The people who benefit from your nonprofit’s efforts may have inspiring and moving stories to share. Facebook and Twitter offer a great venue for small pieces of inspiring status updates, but it’s easy to do even more.

Lastly, ShortStack notes that nonprofits should use Facebook to break news not only about the organization, but about stories and decisions that affect those helped by the nonprofit. Followers can not only learn that the Facebook pages are one-stop shops for information, but also share those stories with their friends.

Readers: If you manage a page for a nonprofit, how have you gained success?