How Can Marketers Use Facebook’s Poke App For Advertising?

By Justin Lafferty 

Most brands want to create lasting memories with their advertising campaigns. But is there any potential to using Facebook’s new Poke application — where messages disappear in seconds — in advertising? Israeli lingerie company Delta already tried using Poke for a marketing campaign, and AdAge reports that more companies could follow suit.

The AdAge story details Delta’s campaign, as well as one managed by frozen-yogurt chain 16 Handles, which used Poke predecessor Snapchat for an ad to its customers. 16 Handles was reportedly the first to use Snapchat for a marketing campaign, and Delta was one of the first to use Facebook’s Poke to deliver short, self-destructing ads.

One positive noted by Adam Britten, community manager for 16 Handles, is that through services such as Snapchat and Poke, special offers or notices of sales and promotions can be delivered to the people for which they were meant. Meanwhile, on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, coupons can easily be duplicated.

While 16 Handles and Delta were early adopters of timed messaging for advertising, others are taking a wait-and-see attitude.

Ian Schafer, CEO of digital agency Deep Focus, told AdAge that he wants to see how services such as Poke grow:

The products are so focused on user experience that I would say marketers should stay away for the time being. [They’re] not marketer-ready yet at all. I would wait to see how that behavior evolves.

Readers: Have you used Poke? What do you think?