How a College Student Used a LinkedIn Ad to Land an Internship

By Devon Glenn 

Villanova University freshman Nicolette Weinbaum is spending her summer working as an intern at a tech company in New York City, thanks to an ad she placed for herself on LinkedIn.

After hearing that only rich kids whose parents were “somebody who knew somebody” could land an internship at a top company, Weinbaum decided to use social media to expand her network. She took the $200 she had earned as a lifeguard and bought an ad on the professional networking site to promote her services.

She targeted her message to “Nova alumni using LinkedIn during the month of March” with a headline that read, “Villanova Undergrad seeks summer Internship. Driven, accomplished, dynamic, creative. See here:”

Within four weeks, Weinbaum’s ad had been seen more than 120,000 times and 48.4 percent of those who clicked on it were senior executives.

Weinbaum said she received responses from Villanova alumni at Citigroup, Thomson Reuters, New York Stock Exchange, Bloomberg, Pfizer, and other companies, but ultimately settled on Edulence, a New York-based digital media technology and custom creative services company specializing in financial services.

“There are no shortage of naysayers who tell you something can’t be done,” Weinbaum said in a blog post, which was also posted on LinkedIn. “Well, to them, I say my experience is proof-positive of the power of social media. It is indeed a brave new world, and it’s exhilarating to be part of it.”