Facebook Acquires Design Agency Hot Studio

By David Cohen 

Is Facebook on another acquisition binge? Just days after announcing that the team from storytelling social network Storylane would join the social network, the company announced its acquisition of San Francisco- and New York-based design agency Hot Studio in a note on the Facebook Design page.

Hot Studio Founder and CEO Maria Giudice and President Rajan Dev confirmed the transaction in a post on the agency’s website.

According to the Facebook Design note, Hot Studio staffers will be added to the social network’s product design, communication design, research, engineering, and content strategy teams over the next few months, and Giudice and Dev said in their post that the agency would fulfill all existing commitments to its clients.

Here are more details from the Facebook Design note:

We began working with Hot Studio on a few projects several months ago. Immediately, we recognized the synergy between our teams and their remarkable talents. Hot Studio has a 16-year history working with some of the world’s biggest and best brands. They have an intricate understanding of what businesses need and a flair for building tools and resources to help meet those needs. And this is what we’re bringing them here to do — build amazing tools that help the brands and businesses that use Facebook.

The transition will be careful and deliberate, occurring over the next few months. When it’s finished, many of the talented individuals from Hot Studio will be embedded into our product design, communication design, research, engineering, and content strategy teams.

They are great team, and we’re sure they’ll be able to make a huge impact right from the beginning. All of us at Facebook are excited for what we’ll be able to build together.

And Giudice and Dev wrote on the Hot Studio site:

After nearly 16 years of leading this company, we’re excited to make an announcement: Facebook has agreed to acquire the talent behind Hot Studio.

Several months ago, we began a great working relationship with the Facebook team. During that time, we’ve noticed unique synergies between the two companies in their commitment to foster a robust, collaborative, creative culture, and a relentless desire to create excellent and meaningful experiences for people all around the world.

At Hot Studio, we’ve built a team that amazes us every day with their talent, ambition, and ideas. In joining Facebook, we’ll have the opportunity to unleash that talent at a scale that impacts the way businesses and more than 1 billion people around the world communicate. We’re excited to take this next step together and join one of the greatest companies in the world.

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