HootSuite Adds Support for Enterprise Social Network Socialcast

By Cameron Scott 

The HootSuite social dashboard now supports VMWare’s Socialcast, an enterprise social platform designed to accommodate highly-regulated industries such as finance and health.

HootSuite has managed to stay afloat while other social networking clients have failed in part because it connects users to multiple networks from the same Web app. It supports the major social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and its App Directory allows users connect accounts through more specialized social platforms like Socialcast by way of add-ons.

Socialcast users who connect their accounts to HootSuite can drag content from public social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, into their company’s private social interface.

“The HootSuite integration will allow the most relevant conversations from external social channels to be brought into the internal network, where customer ideas, product feedback and relevant messages can be privately and securely discussed in the same social way,” said Dan Wire, a spokesman for VMWare.

Enterprises in regulated industries, such as finance and health care, have struggled to make use of social technology lest they run afoul of the regulations that dictate how user data must be handled. Socialcast serves that market by permitting its software to run behind corporate firewalls, enabling administrators to monitor for potential compliance issues and allowing companies to determine their own data retention practices.

Socialcast joins Yammer, the enterprise social network Microsoft acquired last year, in HootSuite’s App Directory.

More than 30,000 organizations use Socialcast, according to VMWare. HootSuite has 5 million users, the company said.

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