HootSuite Enterprise Customers to Receive Online Security Protection from Nexgate

By Tim Sohn 

According to HootSuite, the social relationship management platform company, HootSuite Enterprise now includes risk management protection against “employee misuse, hackers, spam, hate, and malware.” The new online features are provided by social media security firm Nexgate.

HootSuite Enterprise, designed for large organizations and companies, is an online platform that includes tools for scheduling social media posts, such as drafts and bulk scheduling. It also provides message assignments capability and search streams. HootSuite Enterprise features more than 30 social analytics report options, including Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.

In May, HootSuite launched HootSuite Security Services, which included a social asset audit, secure profiles (to prevent employees from posting to the wrong accounts), and instant denial of access to social media accounts following hackings. This announcement came after hackings of Twitter accounts by major brands, including The Onion, NPR, Financial Times, Associated Press, E! Online, the BBC, Agence France-Press, Burger King, and Jeep.

HootSuite’s new partnership provides these new compliance and security features from cloud-based Nexgate:

Policy management, which provide the tools for companies to create online security policies by group, division, business unit, etc.;

Content scanning, which evaluates all social media posts and URLs to make sure they comply with set company policies and don’t pose threats;

Content moderation, which automatically sends a notification or deletes a message if it goes against company policy. Comments and posts can also be archived; and

Nexgate ProfileLock, which allows users to set up alerts to let them know when changes are made to social media profiles.

Rosetta Stone, the creator of language-learning software, uses HootSuite Enterprise.

“HootSuite is a key marketing, engagement, and collaboration solution for us and Nexgate helps us use HootSuite more effectively. This partnership increases our ability to protect our social accounts, keep our audiences safe, and meet regulatory requirements all while improving our efficiency and ROI,” said Eric Ludwig, vice president and general manager of U.S. consumers at Rosetta Stone.