HootSuite Counts Down to Election Day with Launch of Dedicated Command Center

By Devon Glenn 

The debates are over, but the presidential elections are just getting started. Social media monitoring service HootSuite has set up a command center for the 2012 presidential elections that tracks the activities of both candidates, the company announced today. The 2012 Election Tracker gives viewers minute-to-minute updates on voter sentiment on Facebook and Twitter as the election unfolds.

HootSuite pulls data not just on singular televised events, like the presidential debates, but on all social media posts written by (or on behalf of) President Barrack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, as well as voter mentions of each candidate.

In the center of the dashboard is a side-by-side comparison of the presidential candidates, the prospective first ladies, and the vice presidential candidates.

Along the sides are the candidates’ top posts, the number of mentions and Facebook likes each has received from the public, and an analysis of whether the posts were positive or negative. Each post is categorized by an emotion ranging from affection/friendliness to fear/uneasiness.

Founded in 2008, HootSuite now reaches 5 million users. The company recently unveiled its social media Command Center, a sort of traffic control room for Twitter and Facebook that shows social data on multiple screens. The Election Tracker appears to be a preview of this service that’s optimized for a single HD screen.