Will Facebook Home Find A Home On IPhone, Windows Phone?

By David Cohen 

Facebook Home still has that new-home smell, but the rumors are already swirling about the mobile overlay being added to other operating systems, such as Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

A source inside Facebook told The Next Web that the social network is not in talks with Apple or Microsoft about bringing Home to the iPhone and Windows Phone, respectively.

However, Bloomberg reported earlier that Facebook Director of Product Adam Mosseri said in an interview on Bloomberg West Monday that Facebook was indeed in talks with Apple and Microsoft, adding:

We’ve shown them what we’ve built, and we’re just in an ongoing conversation.

Speaking about the iPhone specifically, Mosseri told Bloomberg:

It may or may not be Home. We could also just bring some of the design values to the iOS app. That might be how it ends up. Or we could build just the lock screen. Maybe then it’s not called Home, it’s called something else.

Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said when introducing Home earlier this month:

Anything that happens with Apple is going to happen with partnership. Google’s Android is open, so we don’t have to work with them.

While Facebook does have a strong relationship with Apple, the latter is notoriously protective of its platform.

Readers: Do you think Home will eventually launch on devices like the iPhone and Windows Phone?