History Repeats Itself With Foursquare’s New Time Machine

By Devon Glenn 

Foursquare has created a Time Machine that sorts through all of your past check-ins and displays them on an interactive map. Much like Foursquare’s Explore button, it will also serve up suggestions for where to go next.

The difference with the Time Machine is that your recommendations will be based on your habits over time rather than where you are now or what other people around you are doing. You can see which places and types of places you visit the most and on which days of the week you are typically the most active on Foursquare.

It’s basically an interest graph where your check-in points are spread across a map in neon colors and your interests are broken down in bar graphs that are common to analytics reports. Although today’s announcement was aimed at consumers, marketers might also gain insights from this tool.

Note that you need at least 10 check-ins to use it.