History of StumbleUpon’s Influence on the Internet [Infographic]

By Kenna McHugh 

In 2007, StumbleUpon was created by the two friends, Garret Camp and Geoff Smith, who were in their early twenties and just finishing off post-graduate studies in Calgary, Canada.  Camp told BBC the development of StumbleUpon started with a general idea of “how to discover really interesting information without searching for it.”

In the developmental stages of the platform, Camp was a big fan of Google. “It had been around for a year or two in the mainstream. But it was still only good if you actually knew what you wanted to look for.”

The way StumbleUpon works is simple. Users just click on a Stumble button to find something that interests them. StumbleUpon allows users (Stumblers) to give the thumbs up or down on content they discover on the Internet via the button. As a result, the users Stumble account builds up a summary likes and dislikes. The Stumble also matches other content from around the Web according to their viewing habits.

Distilled, a SEO and PPC agency, designed this simple infographic to illustrate some of the milestones of StumbleUpon’s success story.