High-Profile Googler Scolds Skype for Lax Response to Hacking

By Cameron Scott 

google, web spam, securityIn mid-November, as reports emerged that Skype accounts could be hijacked by hackers armed with no more than the email address linked to the account, Google’s director of Web spam, Matt Cutts, was getting his account hacked, he learned today when he tried to log in again.

And, he said on Google+, he’s never heard from Skype about how to repossess his account despite the company’s claims in November that it would reach out to affected users.

“I’m doubly disappointed that Skype said that they’d reach out to users who were impacted, but they never reached out to me. Are there other Skype users who were hacked that Skype hasn’t notified or helped?” Cutts wrote on his Goolge+ page.

Skype has fixed the whole.

Cutts was lucky, because the person who hijacked his account was a security researcher confirming that he could do it. He subsequently sent Cutts the new password, so Cutts was able to get back into his account.

Nevertheless, the story, and Cutts’s decision to post it in Google+, shows that it’s important to handle security issues meticulously and respectfully, particularly when one of your users has a powerful Internet bullhorn.