HelloFlo on ‘Camp Gyno:’ ‘We Weren’t Trying to Revolutionize Feminine Care Marketing’ [Video]

By Devon Glenn 

HelloFlo‘s viral “Camp Gyno” video follows the transformation of a young girl who is drunk with power after becoming the first girl at summer camp to get her period and, quite possibly, the first actress in a feminine hygiene commercial to use the word “vag” in a sentence.

With more than 5.3 million views on YouTube, the video represented a radical departure from the usual trope of models in lab coats pouring blue liquid onto a maxi pad and reassured women all over the internet that their own experiences with puberty were actually pretty normal.

Jamie McCelland, one of the creatives behind the video, joined HelloFlo CEO and founder Naama Bloom and MediaPost writer and critic Barbara Lippert in this Google+ hangout with OneShowTV to explain how he and co-creator Pete Marquis tapped into the brains of pre-teenage girls to pull it off.

Bloom herself gave the video creators this piece of advice when she asked them to help her with a video to promote her box delivery service: “At camp, there are girls that get their periods first and everybody turns to them for advice,” McClelland recalled. “It’s usually not a parent that you go to once you get your period, because you trust your friends more than you trust your parents with stuff like that.”

Marquis heard the story and said, “oh, you mean like the Camp Gyno?” And the idea for the campaign was born.

“We weren’t trying to revolutionize tampons or feminine care marketing,” said Bloom, “we were really just trying to tell a story that resonated that was both endearing and funny and felt authentic.”

Bloom was running the business on a shoe string budget and got the video at a relative bargain, but after its launch, her customer base tripled. “What I do in a day now would have taken me a few months before,” she said.

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