Hello Kitty Purrs After Facebook Like No. 10M

By David Cohen 

Reaching 10 million Facebook likes is nothing to bat a paw at, and Hello Kitty soared past that milestone last week, marking the occasion by sharing virtual gifts with its fans, including Facebook profile photos and timeline cover photos, as well as desktop wallpaper.

Hello Kitty also shared some fun statistics about its fans, including:

  • 93 percent are female.
  • 18,350 people like Hello Kitty every day.
  • 1.1 million people interact with Hello Kitty on Facebook every month (likes, shares, and comments).
  • Including friends of friends, Hello Kitty’s network is 612.9 million people.
  • Each Hello Kitty post gets an average of 22,900 likes, 2,400 shares, and 1,342 comments.
  • If all Hello Kitty fans and their Facebook friends stood one on top of another, they could reach the moon and back.
  • If Hello Kitty fans all lived in a single city, it would be the largest city in North America and the 13th largest in the world.
  • If everyone who read a post from Hello Kitty each month held hands, they could circle the earth almost four times.
  • Almost 800 people become fans of Hello Kitty on Facebook every hour — that’s 12 people every second.

Readers: Are you one of the 10 million-plus?