Heineken Helps Urban Explorers Discover Which Night Spots Are Trending On Twitter


By Lauren Dugan Comment

Heineken Helps Urban Explorers Discover Which Night Spots Are Trending On Twitter

Tired of going to the same corner pub every weekend? Heineken has the answer for your nighttime doldrums: discover new spots to hang out with the gang by uncovering what’s trending on Twitter.

MarketingWeek reports that Heineken, in an effort to reach “contemporary men in 100 countries worldwide”, launched its @wherenext service mid-July.

Intrepid late-night party-goers are encouraged to tweet “@wherenext” and their location (for example: “@wherenext New York City”), and the service will make suggestions about their city’s hottest night spots based on tweets, check-ins and pictures pulled from Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram.

The list of suggested locations can be explored in detail by visiting a companion mobile site, which shows a local heatmap and Instagram photos.

Heineken’s global head of digital, Paul Smailes, was quick to point out that the service won’t simply send patrons to bars and other hotspots that serve the beer – the company wants this to be a useful, and not necessarily branded-only, app.

“We want to provide frictionless experiences where consumers are already gathering rather than trying to force them to an app we’ve developed. It’s why we’ve developed something that doesn’t tell you what’s good based on historically data and is tuned into what’s hot right now in the social sphere.”

To get the word out about its new service, Heineken will be running a four-month campaign and has signed a partnership with London’s Metro newspaper for a print version of the hottest spots in London.

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