How Hannah Hart Turned Drunk Cooking Into A YouTube Partnership [Interview]

By Megan O'Neill Comment

When Hannah Hart uploaded her first drunk cooking video to YouTube she had no idea that in two short months she would be a YouTube Partner with over 16,000 subscribers and over 1 million views, but that’s exactly what happened.  Hannah “Harto” Hart is the host of ‘My Drunk Kitchen’, a drunk cooking show that’s all the rage on YouTube these days.  I had the chance to ask Hannah a few questions about the show, becoming a YouTube partner and more.  Read on to find out what she had to say.  Who says you can’t drink your way to success?

Before we get to my interview with Hannah, take a few minutes to check out an episode of My Drunk Kitchen.  The show is exactly what it sounds like—Hannah gets drunk in her kitchen off beer, wine, champagne, you name it, and cooks.  Check out the most recent episode below, in which Hannah makes a delicious pancake brunch while drinking mimosas.  “If you have a dream, have it in your heart-face.”

One of the first things that I noticed when I first discovered Hannah’s YouTube channel was that she had a fancy partner banner, but she had only been uploading videos for a couple of months.  Many YouTubers work for years and still don’t get approved for YouTube partnership.  I asked how the partnership worked out for her.  Hannah told me, “YouTube granted me partnership around…the fourth video?  Basically, I wanted to have a nice looking YouTube banner so I Googled “Nice looking YouTube banner” and the first step to that was becoming a partner.  I applied for the program, waited about two weeks and then they accepted.”  Pretty impressive!  But I’m not surprised things happened so fast for Hannah…this show is freakin’ hilarious!

Hannah tells me that this is the only channel she’s ever had for uploading videos to YouTube.  She says, “I originally made the channel so I could send my little sister a pick-me-up photo montage I edited for her.  After that, the first video I ever edited was My Drunk Kitchen 1.”  How did she come up with the idea?  “First, I got drunk.  Then, I got hungry.”

With My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah has turned a stereotype on its head.  Few people could have managed to get drunk and turn it into a YouTube success.  Though Hannah claims she is still “far from a success”, she has managed to climb the YouTube charts faster than most and has really caught the attention of a huge number of people in a matter of months.  She says, “Honestly, the best part of this whole experience has been chatting on Twitter and Facebook with fans of the show.  Lots of good people out there!  Warms my Harto.”

So what do Hannah’s friends and family think about the show?  She says, “My sister and her husband have bought me almost all the ingredients!  They are very, very supportive.  My friends say that they miss me.  I recently moved to the East coast, so all of them are back home in California.  Their response has been: “But that’s just what you’re like when you’re drunk…”

Check out another episode of My Drunk Kitchen below, and then scroll down to let us know what you think of the show in the comments!

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