13 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By 2012 Memes & Social Media

By Megan O'Neill 

Halloween is just around the corner and the clock is ticking if you haven’t come up with an ingenious costume idea yet!  Lucky for you, we’ve got your back.  We’ve compiled a list of 13 great Halloween costume ideas inspired by 2012 memes and social media (a follow-up to our 2011 post on the same).  So prepare to wow your friends by going as a Binder Full Of Women, Pinterest, Apple Maps or another zany 2012 meme-inspired character!

Binder full of women

After Tuesday night’s debate Binders Full Of Women are on everyone’s mind, so why not jump on this hilarious bandwagon and grab a few lady friends, and go out together…in a giant binder?!  If you don’t have a group of girlfriends to pull of this costume with you, feel free to embellish your binder with pictures of women or Barbie dolls!

Halloweencostumes.com has already published their own version of a Binder Full of Women costume.  Check out the image below for inspiration!

Apple Maps

Ever since the iOS 6 update came out the world has been complaining about the new Apple Maps.  If you don’t mind having all your friends hate you at the end of the night, you can give them a trick instead of a treat and do your best to get everyone as lost as possible while on the way to whatever party you’re headed to.


Psy is sure to be a big hit at Halloween this year.  Grab yourself a blue suit and necktie and some two-tone shoes and be sure to bring along a boom box so you can blast Gangnam Style and do the invisible horse dance!

Big Bird

The 2012 Presidential Election has opened up a whole can of new memes.  Mitt Romney’s comments about Big Bird have brought the Sesame Street character into the limelight.  Unfortunately, Big Bird costumes are selling out left and right so if you want to go as the big yellow guy you may have to do some hunting or get creative.

Reply Girl

We all know that lots of ladies out there use Halloween as an opportunity to walk around scantily clad—for years the French maid, sexy nurse, sexy cop and other “sexy” costumes have topped the popular costume charts.  If this is your cup o’ tea, why not go as a Reply Girl?

This year on YouTube The Reply Girls, a group of girls that scammed YouTube’s revenue system by posting pointless reply videos drawing in thousands of viewers by showing a ton of cleavage, drew a ton of attention.  So just be sure to wear something that shows off your…shall we say, bazongas?…and go around the party making pointless comments about everyone else’s costumes!

NASA Mohawk Guy

Following the Curiosity Mars Landing, “Mohawk Guy” guy Bobak Ferdowsi became in internet sensation.  Guys, if you’re looking to go all out for Halloween and don’t mind shaving your glorious locks, just grab your blue polo shirt and an electric shaver and give yourself the Bobak do!

Sh*t Girls Say

One of the biggest YouTube sensations this year has been the Sh*t Girls Say series and the many hilarious parodies that it has spawned.  Guys, get your drag on and prepare yourself with a slew of memorable quotes from the Sh*t Girls Say videos and you’re sure to get more than a few laughs this Halloween.

Dwight False Meme

The Dwight False meme has been around longer than this year, but it really never gets old and after actor Rainn Wilson jumped on the meme earlier this year with a video called ‘Your Facebook is False’ we decided that this could make a pretty sweet Halloween costume.

Just dress up like Dwight Schrute from The Office and be prepared to get your wit on, proving everyone’s statements “False” at the party.

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Girls, if you don’t mind keeping your eyes open really, really wide all night, why not go as Overly Attached Girlfriend?  Just go around the party with your eyes (as we’ve said) really, really wide and make stalkery, weird comments to all the guys!


Although this game has been around since 2010, the Olympics, a popular gif, and a feature on The Office have made QWOP a pretty popular game in 2012.  Just wear a track costume and struggle while trying to walk and falling down around the party.  Sounds fun, right?!  (Note: video NSFW due to language).


Pinterest has been the breakout social network of the year and, as such, we thought it only fitting to add it to our Halloween costume list!  Want to go as Pinterest?  Just grab some safety pins and pin a bunch of stuff you like all over your clothes—images, food, clothes and even shoes—anything goes!  Or do what Heidi Rew of Parties For Pennies did last year and strap on a pin board with some of your favorite quotes, foods, home items and more!

Hashtag Costume Critic

Because hashtags are always a good time, we’re bringing back a costume from last year’s post—the Hashtag Costume Critic!  As we explained last year, “Twitter lovers, this one’s for you!  Make a giant hashtag on your shirt and then bring along a collection of words that could be used to describe Halloween costumes (FAIL, Sexy, Cute, Funny, Scary, etc.) and stand next to people, displaying the appropriate word next to your hashtag.  You’ll be the life of the party as everyone waits to see which hashtag you’ll tag them with, and it’s a great excuse for approaching people you might like to talk to.”

Invisible Obama

And finally, if you aren’t really in the Halloween spirit here’s an idea: Just go as Invisible Obama and don’t show up for the party at all!

Looking for more great costume ideas?  Check out our 2011 post!  And if you have a great social media or meme related costume idea that we’ve missed, feel free to share it with us in the comments below.  What are you going as this Halloween?

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.