Hack Your Facebook (All In Good Fun)

By David Cohen 

Hacking has both bad and good connotations when it comes to Facebook, but what about if Facebook users hack their own accounts, with humorous results?

Time’s Techland blog reported on Hack My Facebook, which went viral at student-run hackathon PennApps this past weekend, winning a $500 prize from AddThis.

Hack My Facebook was the creation of University of Michigan students Raj Vir (20), Shiva Kilaru (19), and David Fontenot (19), according to Techland, and it works like this: Users log in with their Facebook accounts and choose from several fake messages to share, with topics ranging from politics, to career moves, to pregnancy, but no offensive language or sexual references.

Once the joke has run its course, users can click the “UnHack Your Facebook” button to return their profiles to normal.

According to Techland, the three developers admitted at PennApps that they initially created a site called BuddyHack that hacked into their friends’ Facebook accounts and added silly posts, but Facebook shut the site down 30 minutes before its demo was set to start, citing violations of its terms of service, so the trio reconfigured BuddyHack into Hack My Facebook.

Next up for Vir, Kilaru, and Fontenot, according to Techland, is a nationwide hackathon for college students at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., as a result of their victory at their school’s hackathon in March with a site called BuddyMeme, which turns friends’ profile photos into memes.

Readers: What type of joke post would you temporarily add to your Facebook profiles?

Hack My Facebook options image courtesy of Techland, via Raj Vir.