Facebook Users Keep Coming Back (Infographic)

By David Cohen Comment


Facebook is not only the largest social network: It is also the most frequently used.

GlobalWebIndex found that 54 percent of Facebook users log in to the social network more than once per day, far outdistancing second-place Instagram, which it owns, at 31 percent.

GWI said in an email to SocialTimes:

More than 80 percent of Facebookers are logging in to the network at least once per day, with one-half of its active users checking the platform even more frequently. Compare this to competitors like Twitter and Instagram, where about 30 percent of users are logging in daily, and the difference in engagement is clear to see.

The gaps become bigger still when we turn to some of the smaller networks like Tumblr and Pinterest; here, it’s just 10 percent to 20 percent who are checking in more than once a day. So, it’s not just that Facebook has the biggest audience: It’s also that it retains the most engaged one.

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock.