Why Boomers, Millennials Like Facebook Pages

By David Cohen 

What drives baby boomers and millennials to click the Facebook like button? GutCheck held several community discussions with members of those groups to find out.

According to the report released by GutCheck Monday:

  • 52 percent of boomers will like brands in exchange for offers, compared with 42 percent of millennials.
  • Both groups had trouble remembering all of the brands they had liked — 63 percent of millennials and 60 percent of boomers.
  • Like doesn’t necessarily lead to love, as just 16 percent of millennials and 36 percent of boomers said they truly “liked” brands they have liked on the social network.
  • The opinions of friends remain important, as 68 percent of millennials and 52 percent of boomers said they turn to information about brands from friends.

GutCheck CEO Matt Warta said:

While there’s no disputing the fact that Facebook provides a valuable channel for brands to engage with their fans, the value of a like is diluted if the people liking them won’t remember who they are tomorrow. That’s why it’s vital for marketers to understand the driving factors behind online behaviors so that they can convert fans into loyal, interested, and paying customers.

Readers: What drives you to like Facebook pages, and do you remember all of the brands you have liked?