WARNING: Bug Causing Some Facebook Users To Rejoin Groups They Have Left

By David Cohen 

Facebook is currently dealing with a bug involving its groups, which has resulted in some users being resubscribed to groups they previously left, without any actions being taken by the affected users or the administrators of the respective groups.

Sophos’ Naked Security blog shared the experiences of several users, including (unedited):

It’s 3 a.m. I was asleep and my phone suddenly tells me I have 50 notifications from groups I somehow joined while I was sleeping. Some of them were groups I used to belong to but left, some aren’t. ALL say I joined “24 minutes ago” while I was sleeping. What gives? No notifications saying I was added by anyone, just that I joined.

Hey @facebook, thanks for glitching and adding me to over 250 Groups this morning, I just loved having to leave each one individually.

Am an admin on several secret/private groups on facebook with highly sensitive info. This morning all old members (from 5 years) were added.

Naked Security offered the following advice to Facebook users who fell victim to the groups bug:

The first thing is to manually unsubscribe yourself from groups that you may have been unwittingly added to.

If you run a Facebook group, it would probably be a good idea to check what users currently have the rights to access your content. And cross your fingers that it doesn’t happen again.

Finally, maybe now is also the time to reconsider just what kind of information you want to trust to “private”/”secret” Facebook groups in the future.

Readers: Have you noticed any strange group-related activity on your Facebook accounts?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.