Groupon Expands Searchable Deals Database

By Cameron Scott 

groupon, ecommerce, deal bankGroupon will offer a searchable database of deals, including both Now deals that have one-day validity and standard deals, which sell for a single day but can be used for up to a year.

A database of deals available for use on the day of purchase has been live; today, Groupon enabled searches by category and added all of its standard deals to the database, called Deal Bank. (Updated Nov. 16 with information from Groupon.)

Deal Bank launched with 27,000 active deals. It is not yet live for all users.

Users can search the database by category — “pizza,” for example — and by location.

“For a long time, demand fulfillment was something Groupon could not do. Our deals had short lifetimes–we’d launch a deal, it would be emailed to customers for a day or two, and then it would be gone. So we would never build up any real inventory to offer people when they were actually looking for something,” Jeff Holden, senior vice president of product, wrote in a blog post.