POLL: 15 Percent Of Facebook Users Would Pay To Avoid Ads

By David Cohen 

Maybe Biz Stone was onto something: Earlier this week, the Twitter co-founder suggested that if Facebook launched a Facebook Premium service for $10 per month, and 10 percent of its user base signed up, $1 billion in monthly revenue would be generated. And a poll by Greenlight indicated that users of the social network might be open to the idea.

Greenlight polled 500 worldwide Facebook users and found that 15 percent of respondents would be willing to pay in order to experience the social network ad-free, with 8 percent saying they would pay at least $5 per month to do so.

Greenlight Chief Operating Officer Andreas Pouros said of the results:

Facebook may need to pace itself a little less aggressively when it comes to cashing in on its advertising sweet spot. Alongside showing that 15 percent of users would pay Facebook to see no ads at all, Greenlight’s survey also showed that close to 70 percent say they “never” or “rarely” click on advertisements or sponsored listings in Facebook, indicative that consumer apathy is very real.

Readers: Would you pay a monthly fee to experience Facebook without ads?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.