Graffiti Can Live Forever — Google Releases Street Art View

By Amanda Cosco Comment

Street art has a temporary lifespan.

Unlike classical art, which hangs safely on the walls of art galleries and museums inside frames and behind glass-casings and thick red velvet ropes, urban art isn’t protected in any way. In fact, graffiti art remains counter-cultural and subversive precisely because of it’s interaction with (and integration into) public spaces.

Since the release of Banksy’s street art documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, there’s a frantic urge to document graffiti around the world before it literally disintegrates before our eyes, weathering away into our long- forgotten past.

Enter Google Street Art View.

The search engine turned multinational company now offers digital voyeurism across the globe, focusing in on cityscapes that have been branded, sprayed, muraled and tagged – both legally and illegally.

The project – which is fueled by Red Bull – provides an instantly updated record of street art that is searchable by artist or area. After only a few days on the air, more than 200 walls have been tagged in countries across the world, and experts anticipate that Google Street Art View will be the biggest online art collection in the world.

Look out, Banksy – they’re going to catch you in the act!