Google+ Supports Full-Res Photos With Spillover Storage in Drive

By Cameron Scott 

Earlier this week, Google+ quietly started supporting uploads of full-resolution photos from desktop computers in addition to Android smartphones.

Files larger than 2,048 pixels will count towards the Google Drive free storage limit of 5GB. For users who don’t already have lots of files in their Drive space, the limit practically only limits people from using Google+ as a storage system in its own right. But it forces users to have Drive and Google+ accounts related to the same user ID.

At the end of last year, Google announced Google+ would automatically store full-size back up copies of photos taken with an Android device’s camera and uploaded to Google+.

The feature is exemplary of the kinds of things Google has done with Google+ recently. Google has shown significant focus on photography features on Google+. And it has built out the connections between the social platform and revenue-generating services.

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