Google Suffers a Google Events Problem

By Neil Vidyarthi 

Google rolled out their Google+ Events feature at this week’s Google I/O, and not everyone is happy about the change. Several celebrities have taken to the social network to complain that the new feature is bombarding them with random invites to events they’ve never heard of. The Google+ team did not anticipate that celebrities and users with many followers would have such a problem, and are attempting to solve the problem.

The problem was first reported by Will Wheaton, a web celebrity and formerly a star on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He indicated that he was barely able to understand his feed after the rollout of Events, because so many of his followers had now invited him to events he’d barely heard of. The events were shared automatically between users, and in some cases they were even automatically uploaded to a user’s calendar.

Robert Scoble piped in about the calendar issue, discovering that there was no easy way to automatically remove all the events that had popped up in his calendar – he had to pick them off like apples from a tree, one by one. That’s no fun for any user, and Google has a real problem with power users complaining about the service. It’s too bad as well, because Google has had a pretty successful week with several cool rollouts as well as a bit of positive buzz for Google+ after reporting they have 150 million monthly active users.

Google’s chief persona, Vic Gundotra, has responded to the criticisms and acknowledged their mistake in a sheepish, diplomatic email. We’ll see how things move forward from here.