Google Street View Takes You On A Tour Of The White House [Video]

By Megan O'Neill 

Last year The Google Art Project and YouTube partnered to bring you virtual tours of famous museums around the globe.  This month, the Google Art project and Google Street View team have gotten together to bring you another nifty project—a virtual tour of the White House.

The White House public tour lets you wander, Street View-style, through all of the public rooms of the White House.  In a great video explaining how the White House public tour was created, Diana Skarr of the Google Art Project explains, “Those who have never been inside the White House will basically be able to experience the same tour that you would get if you were able to come here for the public tour.”

Matt Prestiopina of the Google Street View team explains, “As the evolution of the project goes, we’ve actually been pushing beyond the streets and looking for more interesting places to go, like interiors of spaces and the White House, which is a wonderful place to come.”

The video shows how interior street view captures are done, with an awesome 360-degree view camera.  Check out the video then head over to take the White House tour and let us know what you think!

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