Google+ Service Continues to Grow Since Opening to the Public

By Kenna McHugh 

A happy Googler

Google+, which we all know is Google’s new social-networking service, experienced a boom in visits this last week after the service opened up to the public at large, according to New York research firm Experian Hitwise report.

The Google+ visits jumped up to almost 15 million in U.S. visits in the week ended September 24, compared to 1.1 million the previous week, according to the report. Before last week, the service was in a test phase, and users were invited to join the platform.

Google is known for being the world’s biggest Internet-search company and is attempting to gain more dominance over social media users. Google+ also added new features to the social networking platform when it opened its service to the general public last week. Such new features were adding new search capabilities and making it easier to locate family and friends posts.

The new changes increased the number of Google+ features to 100. Some folks are speculating that Google is trying to provide good reasons to leave Facebook, which currently has more than 750 million members. I don’t know if Google+ will pull Facebook users over to their turf or not. But, it’s good to see the competition.

Google rose $6.38, or 1.2 percent, to $531.89 in Nasdaq Stock Market trading on Monday; however, the overall shares of the company have declined 10 percent this year. I wonder if Google’s stock prices will continue to rise and recover lost value.