Google+ Reveals Vanity URLs: Coming Soon to the General Public

By Neil Vidyarthi 

When Google+ was launched, Larry Page mentioned that the plan was to release one feature update per day. Ambitious stuff, and while other parts of the Google+ plan could not possibly be going totally according to plan, they’ve been pretty consistent with the upgrades. The latest is the introduction of vanity URLS for users.

A vanity url is simply a URL like instead of my existing Google+ URL which is something close to¬† Facebook has them and Twitter has always had them, so it’s no big shocker that Google has slapped it on as well. The feature is out in limited release to a few users right now, like¬†, but will be released to the general public soon.

These sorts of vanity URLs are probably more important for use for brand pages, who advertise their social media pages on television commercials and need something short and quick to tell their customers. However, I’ve found them occasionally useful for ‘regular people’ as well. At conferences, occasionally you meet someone and want to have them get in touch, and if you’re out of cards, saying add me on Facebook, I’m “facebook slash neilv” can work pretty well. I don’t know if I’d do that for Google+ yet, and it might be awkward to say “google dot com slash plus neilv”.

Read more about the update here.