Google Reveals Plans for Mysterious San Francisco Barge With Giant Sails

By Phi Tran Comment

google barge rendering

After fueling speculation, Google has finally revealed its plan to turn its giant floating barge into an exhibit space. The planning documents detailing the preliminary pitch (nothing concrete) was submitted to San Francisco’s Port Authorities  and obtained by San Francisco’s Chronicles via the Freedom of  Information Act.

The simple architectural rendering shows a floating structure flanked by giants sails protruding from tall stacks of recycled shipping containers. For now, there’s not much details on the actual design of the exhibit space – perhaps because Google may not get approval from the city. The fins are designed to provide shade and shelter from the elements while drawing from the city’s nautical history.

According to the statement from Google, the boat is intended to draw 1,000 visitors each day with “a surprising environment that inspires conversation, community and ‘a-ha’ moments.” Google proposes mooring the ship in various ports around the city, but with 1,000 visitors, getting on and off the barge from land would require a lot of planning.

Given the lengthy approval process for buildings and permits in San Francisco, a-ha moments might be years from now.